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Transforming Stormwater Management

Cost-effective and sustainable dewatering of sludge/sediments to meet minimum percent total solid requirements for approved disposal. The chemical-free process allows for remaining dry solids to be repurposed through beneficial reuse.




We’re Tollson, a Copenhagen-based cleantech company. We have developed a compact, continuous and energy-efficient technology for filtration and dewatering of a wide range of liquids. Tollson offers an onsite solution for sludge and sediment dewatering and our proprietary filtration technology is applicable for processing of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as many other industrial fields.

We can help you achieve a cost-effective and sustainable filtration or separation process

Filtration | Thickening | Dewatering | Solid-liquid separation 

Environmental Dredging

Environmental Dewatering

Sediment dewatering can help you to reliably and efficiently concentrate the wastes into high solids filter cakes for easy and cost-effective disposal.

Municipal Applications

Environmental Dewatering

The CylinderPress™ for sludge treatment helps you to reduce 2 of the greatest cost drivers in dewatering - polymer and energy.

Versatile Functionality & Applications

Achieve a more cost-effective and sustainable separation process

Lower power requirements compared to other separation technologies.

Compact Technology

Compact and robust technology for continous efficient filtration and dewatering of liquids.

Minimum Use of Chemicals

Technology not based on flocculation process.

Adjustable Filtration Degree

Easy access and adjustment of the process parameters.

No Matter The Application

We have the solution

Tollson has developed a continuous, compact and cost-effective filtration technology for filtering liquids in the range from 25µ – 800µ.

Whether you’re looking to deploy a new ressource, solve a process task, develop a new process, or even optimize an existing one, we can work with you to develop a customized testing program around the answers you’re looking for.

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Water and Waste Treatment
  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Sediment dewatering
  • Industrial water and waste treatment
  • Recirculating aquaculture systems
Food, Dairy and Beverage
  • Beverages processing
  • Processing of oils and fats
  • Concentration and purification of proteins
Other fields
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Tollson testing center

Let us demonstrate our technology.

Tollson offers to carry out filtration and dewatering tests of your product. Here we show you the capacity, achievable dry matter contents and the possibilities of using our filtration and dewatering plant.

A test is essential to determine the optimal solution for your project, whether it is low waste management cost or high value products.

Our tests are performed on a full-scale plant, to reach the best possible fit for large-scale production.