Whether you need a new

filtration technology or looking

to replace an existing – we can help.

Tollson is established in 2020 and emerged from a research project at the Technical University of Denmark, carried out by the two founders. Together with our customers, we spark a change for the industry.

Our team has many years of experience designing and building equipment for the industry. We’re therefore able to offer you the solution that fits your needs.


Densifying and dewatering of sediments.

Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

Thickening and dewatering of sludge.

Our Philosophy

Tollson envisions utilizing its technology to optimize the use of waste streams from industrial companies to support the increasing global demand for food, feed and better use of natural resources.


To help the industry by offering cost-effective and environmentally
responsible products and solutions in the areas of separation and fluid handling.


To challenge the status quo of solid-liquid separation technologies, by offering innovative solutions.

Partners & Grants