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CylinderPress™ – Filtration Technology

CylinderPress™ can be used for filtration or solid-liquid separation projects of all sizes and there is good reason – high flexibility and low operational costs.  The technology that is designed for dewatering of high liquid content (a DS of around 3% to 5%) sludge, sediments and other slurrys is based on a proprietary technological setup.

It is designed for meticulous and continuous filtration of all kinds of liquids containing suspended solids. The technological foundation combines well-proven filtration principles with novel features. The concept ensures uniform treatment of all particles making the CylinderPress™ very efficient as a dewatering unit, also catering as a custumized solution for particle sorting between liquid phase and dry matter in the range from 25μ – 800μ.

The CylinderPress™ complies with EC 1935/2004 guidelines, is designed with limited need for routine maintenance and fast cleaning. It has a small footprint and easy systems integration making it desirable within even the smallest production facilities and up to large scale.

The CylinderPress™ system is one of the most versatile filtration technology compared to what is available today. It can be mounted in a mobile roll-off container or trailer that can be transported around your property as necessary.

The filtration system can be manufactured to suit your project requirements. Our latest project marks the beginning of a new era in the process of dewatering sediments as part of environmental dredging.


Key Features.

Driving Units

Electric motors with frequency converter control drives the continously rotating system.

Liquid Fraction Discharge

A pump is supplied to discharge the liquid by ensuring optimal suction level in the filter system.

Solid Fraction Discharge

As result of the filtration and dewatering, the solid particles are disposed of and onto a conveyor belt e.g.

Filtration and Dewatering

The system inside is constructed as a unit with closed chassis and possibility of inspection of the drainage proces through the sight glass.

About CylinderPress™


CylinderPress™ systems are supplied to site and placed into position. Sludge which is treated with specialist polymers is then pumped into the plant via a standard feed pump, mechanically filtrated and dewatered. Afterwhich, the effluent is collected and discharged by a pump opposite of the feeding point, leaving the solid to be transported by a conveyor belt from the discharge point at the bottom of the plant.

The simple but cost-effective process makes CylinderPress™ dewatering system ideal for primary and secondary cleanout of biogas reactor, food ingredients, protein recovery and more.

CylinderPress™ dewatering systems can also be used for water and wastewater treatment dewatering to providing an increase in the DS value from 3% up to 30%, especially in environmental dewatering to efficiently manage waste.


Water and Waste Treatment

  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Environmental waste treatment
  • Industrial water and waste treatment

Food, Dairy, Beverage

  • Beverages Processing
  • Extracting, concentrating, recovering and washing proteins
  • Concentration and dewatering of biomass
  • Recovery of industrial fats – oils, fats and proteins recovered from fish and animal by-products


  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems


  • Uniform treatment of all solid particles in the media
  • Low-to-no polymer (dewatering chemical) consumption 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Compact technology – High capacity compared to footprint
  • Modular technology for ease of maintenance
  • Full process control and analysis support


The CylinderPress™ system can easily be retrofitted onto both existing and new production lines allowing for high flexibility. For specific purposes, a mobile plant can be designed to fit your purpose.

Installation and Comissioning

Tollson acknowledges the importance of a well-functioning service and support to your organization. We are dedicated to understand and support the customer from the outset where the first tests are made and through to becoming a trusted and valued partner for the customer.


With every sale of a Tollson CylinderPress™ plant we include an Installation Service Package (ISP) to ensure fast integration to the customer’s current installations and/or replacement of current installations. The ISP include setup, integration and necessary test runs to reach optimal machine performance.


Tollson ApS will offer an optional Service Agreement (SA) with every sale including frequent maintenance of the installation depending on the specific application. The SA will include specific spare parts like brushes, filter units and sealings and bearings as well as a specific plan for down time during maintenance.


Original spare parts from Tollson ApS ensures full traceability on all components for the hygienic industry. Spare parts are always available on request and can be ordered if the customer has chosen not to use the SA or has exceeded the maximum number of spare parts included in the SA for a given period of time.

Remote support

Tollson offer a control configuration with online access to the Tollson machine control interface and lets Tollson ApS do immediate online support with regard to machine performance, alarm codes, including engine, conveyors and pumps where these options has been included in the solution.

On-site support

If needed, Tollson offers on-site support with our own personal or through our dedicated partners which are represented on a global scale whatever the challenge should be.

Technical documentation

Tollson offer all technical documentation as requested by the customers and is always available to offer PFD and P&ID for further process investigation. Tollson is up to date with the newest 3D CAD software and offers layouts for factory design and installation in close contact with the customer.