Environmental Dewatering

CylinderPress™ technology helps to dewater and densify contaminated sediments in lakes, streams, harbors etc. as well as other waterways.

Environmental Protection

and Remediation Dewatering

Municipal Stormwater Systems

The increased runoff rates caused by urbanization, create the need of efficient and well planned stormwater management to reduce risks of flooding. However, it is not only risk for flooding that creates the need for stormwater management, but also the aspect of water quality. Stormwater transports pollutants accumulated on surfaces and is therefore in need of treatment, on order to prevent negative effects on recipient water bodies. Typical stormwater bound pollutants are:

  • Heavy metals such as cadmium, copper, zinc and nickel.
  • Oils and other organic pollutants, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s).
  • Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

Micropollutants, such as microplastics, have recently attracted more and more attention. Stormwater is seen as a significant pathway for microplastics, with tire abrasion and road wear deemed as the main source of particles.

CylinderPress™ Mobile Dewatering System

CylinderPress™ technology for the Environmental Protection and Remediation industry is a solid-liquid filtration dewatering system for liquid waste dewatering and residue handling. In environmental remediation, CylinderPress™ system is applied to handle sludge from environmental dredging and industrial processes. Sediments are dredged from any lake, wet pond or water stream and pumped into the CylinderPress™. CylinderPress™  dewatering solution supports analysis of the in- and output, enabling a control of the effluent (reject water) quality and whether it can be reused or returned for processing or to native waterways without additional treatment.

This compact and mobile dewatering system offers a solution for continous dewatering and densifying of sediments, allowing for more process flexibility and reduces the footprint area required. The Mobile CylinderPress™ solution is mounted in a trailer or a standardized sea container that can be transported around as necessary and is therefore ideal for onsite dewatering. Having all equipment resources in one solution allows you to mobilize rapidly and accommodate tight timelines.

Efficient deployment and execution

Turn-key solution requiring minimum effort and almost no specialized skills from the on-site team.

Minor environmental disturbance

No polymer addition and compromising of the pond's structural integrity.

Continuous dewatering process

Continuous dewatering flow offers a much faster process and scalability to support your operation.